Back In The Saddle, Saddle Seat Style


Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama, part 11. Woolly mammoths, sabertooth cats and more roamed Alabama in the last Ice Age, Pillion 14 Dec 2021.

I was easing into a second week of zero saddle time, so I scheduled a lesson at Stepping Stone Farm. Would I like to ride Dottie? Why yes, I would be delighted to partner La Prima. [Nationals 2017]

Dottie was a star. As always.

Questions one asks one’s self upon returning to saddle seat after two years.

Why do I have so many jodphur tie-downs? They are one of those twiddly bits that you don’t want to be caught without, so buy extra. Or I’m a pack rat. Or both. For those who ride with their pants inside their boots, saddle seat pants are on the outside of the short boots. Jod tie-downs clip the edges of the pants under one’s boots to keep one’s pant legs from riding up. [Getting Dressed, Harder Than You Would Think]

How did my show boots end up there? I don’t know about you, but when the pandemic hit, I did not carefully and methodically put my life into storage. I simply stopped. Things stayed where they had been in the middle of March.

Will the jods zip? Yes. Mostly. Cold day so my sweatshirt covered the lack of top buttonage. Not too much shrinkage.

Pinkies go where? Inside the reins. Really? Yes. But it feels wrong. It’s different, not wrong. Now shut up and ride. Note, this was all in my head. Coach Courtney was staying quiet and letting me sort myself out.

And finally …

How do I post the trot without my lower legs as support? I don’t know how real saddle seat riders manage. I just kinda do. Eventually. Much like spinning plates, I get my momentum up and just keep going.


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