Mindset Monday, The Crux


“Buck up, Sissy Pants.” Dr. Beverly Hofstadter.

(I want you to imagine an illustration of a caterpillar looking at its feet.)

Despite saying I wasn’t gonna … [Taking A Hunter Break]

… I scheduled a lesson. [Back In The Saddle, Saddle Seat Style]

One. Looking at second week without riding. I hadn’t realized Rodney was planning to be such a gentlehorse of leisure this winter.

Two. In effort to look for answers, scheduling a lesson gave me a chance to examine the process. [Mindset Monday, Nevermind]

Short, Short Version

Didn’t learn anything new. Went as expected. Not meltdown at Nationals, but not good. [Show Report, of a sort, NACHS 2015]

Note 1. Doing okay with Rodney at the moment. Probably because a) not doing much & b) can take time, walk, get off if not right. Whatever, I’ll take it.

Note 2. Although this was occurring in the before times, living through a global pandemic certainly does not help cultivate serenity of mind.

Short Version

Arranged lesson Wednesday evening for following Friday. Spent Thursday in low-key dread, leading to …

Friday morning. Standing at mounting block. Stomach in knots. Concerned that Dottie will motor off as soon as I get on. Not misbehave in anyway but not stand quietly while I sort myself out. [Sam I Am]

Get on.

Actually, I start to get on, realize I haven’t done my tie-downs, step back to do so, readdress the mounting block, at which point, the distraction peppermint has been consumed.

Where was I?

I get on.

Dottie jazz walks out of the barn. We are halfway to the ring before I can get my second stirrup.

I’m fine with it.

There you have it. One moment, I’m a hot mess. 30 seconds later, I’m on the horse and it’s all good.


Afterwards, I pondered what I had learned. This is what I came up with:

Me: 36 hours of stressing before a lesson. Shows will be geometrically worse. No sign that anything will improve. Not sure I want to live that way.

Also me: You know, if I do two of the three local, summer shows, I could probably climb onto the tag end of the year-end awards.

I have no explanation. I’m as mystified as you are.


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  1. May I dare suggest professional help?
    You take excellent care of the horses but the cobbler’s children go barefoot, in this case, the cobbler.

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