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Process Notes. Idea for a collage came from Artistcoveries: “A Fearless Attitude of Play”. Although, these are closer to what the post considers a collection than “creating images from other images.” In other words, it’s not art, but it was interesting.

True art takes time. I did not take time.

Things I did. I cut out a bunch of letters. I laid down lines of double-sided tape. I plonked letters down. No backsies. Done. Moving on.

Things I did not do. Did not sketch out the size and shape of the letter profiles. (Kinda ended up wedged together didn’t they?) Did not do a preliminary positioning of the cut-outs to determine the optimal blend of shapes and colors. (The big letters are more of a pile than images in their own right.) I did not take the time to hunt down my stamp tongs to help place the letters. (I went with a plastic card, fingers, and best guess.)

Impatient? Moi?


I hereby decree this to be an experiment. Give it a try. See what turns up. Do a better, longer, more elaborate version if the process turns out to be amusing. Proof of concept, if you will. For the idea of turning the negative “impatient” into the positive “experimental,” I thank Paper Ponderings: Experimenting.

Hat tip to the Valley Vet catalogue and to US Eventing & Bee Culture magazines. Among others. Cut out way more letters than I used. Although, note to self, ending up needed more little letters than I was expecting in order to fill small spaces.


3 thoughts on “Blog Logo, Collage

  1. Even if it’s not “an image created from other images”, it’s still very much ART. It’s your art. It’s personal.It represents who you are. I like it. It’s bright and colorful, and I feel a real “attitude” in what you’ve created. 🙂

  2. Art. You are too kind. I guessif you gave the same pile of letters to 8 people, you would get 8 different results.
    Bee mag. Found an old issue on library book sale shelf.

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