Mindset Monday, Nevermind


Awareness of the outside world. A lot of Instagram advice says one should live! in! the! now! True but it all comes off sounding very grasshopper over ant. Planning for the future is part of today. Preparing for the future is part of today. You have to ride today to be ready for tomorrow’s show. Which isn’t particularly related to today’s post, but is my self-improvement thought for the day.

I set up an appointment, “To talk to someone about my ability to spin myself into a swivet before getting on a lesson horse.” [Mindset Monday, The Mental Side Of Sport]

Turns out, in a few weeks, the person will be giving a free workshop to a group of which I am a member.

I like free.

So, I gonna put off my one-on-one appointment until after the workshop. See how I feel about the idea then. I had been going back and forth, for reasons listed and not listed. [ibid]

One thing I realized. I was hoping for someone else to fix my the parts of myself that I see as problems. That’s not possible. People can help you look, but no one can give you answers. You have to find them yourself.


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7 thoughts on “Mindset Monday, Nevermind

  1. You do have to find the answers yourself but having input helps immensely.
    Good thinking.
    And free is good.

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