Mindset Monday, The Followup


“Spirit in Motion.” Paralympic Motto

I took the online workshop I mentioned a while back. [Nevermind]

While the workshop was free to the group, I assume someone somewhere paid for it. So I won’t give out any proprietary information.

The presenter was well spoken, the ideas well-presented. Unfortunately, it all had nothing to do with me.

I don’t think I am telling tales out of of school to say that the presenter emphasized visualization. This is a big deal in sport psych. The idea being that the brain can’t tell the difference between physically performing an activity and a fully-visualized version of the activity. Therefore, one can practice repeatedly without wear and tear on horse or self.

I am not a visual person. Oh, I’m passable. I’m more visual than I am musical. But that is not a high bar to vault over. I do photography, but it tends to be plot-based. What’s IN the photo, what’s happening, rather than evocative depictions of mood.

Undoubtedly, if I practiced I would get better. Perhaps it would help. Even if visual is not my main mode of information retention, how could it hurt?

The problem is that these practices are aimed at helping people from letting their nerves interfere with their ride. As I’ve said elsewhere, that is not my problem.

I have a long list of things to fix about my riding. Improving my skills. Being more subtle. Listening to the horse. Sitting up. But pre-ride/pre-show nerves do not affect my ride. (crosses fingers)

I show pretty well. In that I can generally ride at a show as well as I do at home. I have even been known to rise to the occasion. I would consider myself a competitive show rider. (looks around to see if anyone is spitting out their coffee.)

So, methods for addressing show ring nerves do not speak to me. In fact, when I did fix my pre-show nerves, my riding got worse [Show Report MSSP 2016 No More Magic Bullets]

I don’t know where this leaves me. Aside from back to where I started, plus the added thought that even with the best help in the world I ultimately have to address my own issues. [Nevermind]

For unrelated reasons, I have decided not to pursue an individual appointment. Thus ending this go-round of sports psychology.

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Mindset Monday, The Followup


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  1. I guess I’m visual, most of the time I had to ride a course in my brain or I’d lose track of what I was doing (obviously not flat classes where the judge is telling you what to do). As far as art/craft concerned, I can follow a pattern but for original stuff, if id can’t see it in my mind before I start working on it, it doesn’t get done.

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