Mindset Monday, Wondering Where I Am Going With This

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“Meep? Meep. Meep!” Beaker

I wrote a longer post centered on the fact that I get as nervous before interviews as I do before lessons. [Crux]

We are talking oceans of stress chemicals surging back and forth for days.

Does the world need several hundred more words examining my stress response in detail? I think not. It is neither fun to write, nor fun to read. From a blogging point of view, both would be nice. Having at least one is mandatory.

The Mindset Monday feature started when I was planning a sports psych appointment. I figured I’d follow the process the way I would a riding lesson. This would be a lesson for the mind, as it were. [The Mental Side Of Sport]

Then the appointment got delayed. [Nevermind]

Mindset Monday kept going out of momentum. Repeating features help generate content. That’s one reason I keep circling back to them. What shall I talk about? Why look, it is X-day. I shall talk about X.

Surely I have enough mental issues to fill a series of Mondays?

Now, I wonder if I am doing this to just to hear myself rant. Is that a good reason to continue?

The problem is that I am not adding any new data. I’m a hot mess. We’ve covered that. And …?

One more story for next week. After that, will reevaluate.

And don’t call me Shirley.


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