The Illustrated Month, February


Images of the outside world. Afro-futurism in LEGO bricks. The goal is to have kids seem themselves in the things they love. Ekow Nimako Studios.

F, E, B – Groundhog Day

R – Family Birthday

U – Valentine’s Day, an unavoidable societal event

A – Super Bowl, an unavoidable societal event

R – Friend Birthdays. I know a lot of people born in Feb. Counts back 9 months. May. Spring fever I guess.

Y – end early


Stone & flower colors are amethyst & violet/lilac.

Rabbit Hole

“Many people drop the first “r”… as if it were spelled “Febuary”. This comes about by analogy with “January” … as well as by a dissimilation effect whereby having two “r”s close to each other causes one to change.” Wiki: February

Since other months, like January, are named after Roman gods, you’d be forgiven for thinking February was named after the Roman god Februus. But, the word February comes from the Roman festival of purification called Februa, during which people were ritually washed. In this case, the god was named after the festival, not the other way around. How Did The Month Of February Get Its Name?, Published January 31, 2022

“The name Super Bowl comes from the Super Ball, a bouncy rubber ball for children. Lamar Hunt, the founder of the American Football League, reportedly came up with the name after seeing his children play with the toy ball.” February Is the Second Month of the Year, Rehberger

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