Wordle Continues to Have Its Moment


Awareness of the outside world. BBC: A missing game of Wordle helps end a 17-hour hostage ordeal.

I have read that the brain can’t process negation. If you give a riding instruction of “Don’t do X.”, the brain hears “Do X.” That’s the theory. Also that the brain accepts a visualized experience the same way as an actual experience. Again, that’s the theory.

I had no reason to doubt it, but not sure I bought into it. Until it happened to me.

Our story begins with five little green squares.

Lovely, right?

Getting Wordle in the first go.

It is FALSE.

I know it is wrong.

And yet.

This was how my Wordle should look from Friday.

A few hours later, an errant tap reopened the game. It was blank. What? Does it reset at a different time than I thought? Is it a new game? Huh. I’ll try today’s word …

Et voilà.

I know it is wrong. And yet. My brain takes one look at that image and does a victory lap.

Me: Yay! Look at me! I’m so smart!

Also me: No. It’s a doctored duplicate. Remember?

Me: Yay! Look at me! I’m so smart!



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