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Angkor Wat Virtual Challenge – The Conqueror
20 miles/32.2 km

Walk Report, over on storage blog, mostly screenshots of streetviews. [Walking Virtually, Angkor Wat]

Started 1 Jan 2022. Ended 25 Jan 2022.

Done in 25 days with 23 walks, mostly one mile per day, logged as 1.5 km for ease of math. Two days of 1 km. Last day to wind up the little bit at the end.


Virtual Fuji took me forever to finish. [Walking Virtually, Mount Fuji]

After that, I said no more. I got tired of having the unfinished walk hanging over my head. From now on, only one-offs.


This one was short. I could finish it in a month. Didn’t know much at all about Angkor Wat.

Done. I was right about the length. It was just beginning to wear on me in the last day or two.

Not likely to do another at the moment. The Cairo virtual tour looks interesting but that is 46 Miles / 75 KM. Fuji was the same length and that felt like eons. I might do another long one with a team. A really big team. [Route 66, LEJOG]

They’ve also shifted to app-based walks. I see the point. Personally, I like the ability to come back to my desktop to process. I got used to using the app but it’s not a plus for me.

Virtual walks are great. I’ve simply done enough of them for now.


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