Home Team Update, Present and Future, February 2022


Awareness of the outside world. AL.com: University of Alabama publishes digital version of MLK ‘Letter from the Birmingham Jail’, by The Associated Press, by Ken Roberts, The Tuscaloosa News, Feb. 06, 2022.


Continues to do what he does. At a distance. [Home Team Update, Milton, January 2022]

Continues to think a short session of having to apply himself constitutes a wealth of work. Who are we to judge how hard an activity is for another being?


Have a new theory.

Rodney doesn’t do well in cold weather. We know this.

Rodney doesn’t like hats. We suspect this. Years ago, I stopped wearing ball caps, that ubiquitous apparel of the horse world.

What does one do in the winter when it gets cold? Wear a hat. Winter is just mild enough down here that I am trying not wearing my knitted wool hat. Rodney appears to approve.

Coincidence? Causation? Wishful thinking? This horse has so many variables, I have no idea.

Filling Out The Unicorn Hitch
(Really, that’s what driving three horses in a triangle formation is called, Equine Heritage Virtual Museum: Driving configurations.)

Have taken the first, tentative steps into horse shopping. Have actually talked to actual humans instead of simply sending random vibes into out into the universe. [Tertium Quid, Tertium Quid Redux]

Hence VERSA. [Considering Saddlebred VERSAtility]


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