Considering Saddlebred VERSAtility


Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama, part 12. The first Alabamians arrived 13,000 years ago, long before Moundville, Pillion 20 Dec 2021.

I joined the American Saddlebred Versatility Association.

That caused me to gather my thoughts about Saddlebred Sport Horses.

At this point, gathering my thoughts means gathering posts. Here ya go.

ASB Sport Horse Posts

[Squad Goals, Another Class For My Imaginary Horse] Jumps and a cute name. How could I resist adding to my wish list? “When Pigs Fly” ASB Hunter Hack classes, Louisiana Carnival Horse Show. 2022

[Helmet Watch and Show Stalking, St. Louis 2021] Reviewing the hunter classes at the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show. 2021

“Would I drive all the way to St. Louis for the chance at one jumper class? In a heartbeat.” [Picking Classes For My Imaginary Horse] Analyzing the jumps for the over fences classes at St. Louis National Charity Horse Show. 2020

[Finding A Horse To Match The Hat] Job description for my unicorn Saddlebred. 2020

[The Magnetic Attraction of Saddlebreds] Show Horse, Sport Horse swag for sale at the Etsy shop, AnimatedTrot. 2020

[Saddlebred Versatility, Jumpers] Geeking about the jumper classes at St. Louis National Charity Horse Show. 2019

[Saddlebred Versatility, USDF Bronze for Will and Joan, Guest Post] A Saddlebred doing well in dressage. 2018

[Midwestern Mounts, Potential Horse #11] my one quasi-jump with an ASB, 2013.

[Support For A Wild Idea] In which I propose the idea of an American Saddlebred Sport Horse and get support 2013.


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