Squad Goals, Another Class For My Imaginary Horse


Awareness of the outside world. Visit Baton Rouge: Baton Rouge Zoom Backgrounds & VBR: Virtual Ways to Explore Baton Rouge, Glory, March 2020.

When I find my unicorn Saddlebred, we are heading to Louisiana. [Picking Classes For My Imaginary Horse]

In February, the Louisiana Carnival Horse Show is held on the LSU Campus in Baton Rouge. They have “When Pigs Fly” ASB Hunter Hack classes. An 18” cross rail class for Mini Pigs, an open Hunter Hack with slightly bigger jumps, and an ASB Hunter Country Pleasure “When Pigs Fly” Memorial Championship, which is a standard-style ASB flat class.

The show looks like fun, and has gotten good reports from folks who went. I had tentative plans to do Academy at this show in the before-times. I don’t remember what kept me from going.

Hunter Hack means only two jumps. Still, that’s two more than most ASB shows.

Since the unicorn’s main job will be to get around Novice (2″11″), we should be able to hop some hunter hack fences. [Finding A Horse To Match The Hat]

How can I not, I already have the artwork.

Artwork by Nikumo

The original. [Flying Pigs]

LEGO bricks [Piiiiiigs In Briiiiiiks]

Medals [Virtual Flying Pig 5K 2020, Virtual Flying Pig 5K 2021]


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  1. I will join you in this one. Baton Rouge was not on my radar but it is now! What a fascinating place!

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