Helmet Watch and Show Stalking, St. Louis 2021

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Awareness of the outside world. “The escapees were part of a larger herd of zebras, also called a dazzle or a zeal …” EQUINE Ink: Five Zebras on the Loose in Maryland.

An ASB class where over 70% of the riders wore helmets!

Thanks to the livestream video by Eventmix Live, I watched the Saddle & Bridle Working Hunter Classic National Championship, Flat Phase at the St. Louis Charity Horse Show, September 30, 2021. Screenshot above.

Of the 7 entrants, 5 had helmets. The other two wore hunt caps.

Judging by the stills, see below, everyone wore a helmet to jump.

Looking through the Hunter Country Pleasure photos, I counted 7-8 helmets, which is more than usual. The rest wore hunt caps.

What’s the difference?

The Working Hunter class has two phases, jumping and flat. I’m gonna guess that these horses go out and do other things, such as hunters, jumpers, and eventing. If you want to jump your Saddlebred, you have to go outside the ASB shows.

Working Hunter is one class. Everyone shows in both phases. Results are announced after the flat phase, or so I assume from the lack of victory photos in the morning.

Hunter Country Pleasure is flat only. That is the case at most saddle seat shows. One show in our area has a hunter hack class, wherein everyone jumps one (?maybe two) small fence at the end of the class.

HCP has a multitude of different subdivisions, with a Championship for each: Prospect, Adult Amateur, Junior, Masters. Then the big final on Friday night.

Jumpers is jumpers. Per the prizelist, .90m = Fences 2’11” in height; 10 –12 jumps, change of direction. Dunno what happened to the two who did not place. Nothing good, I assume.

Crossovers. All five of the Jumper entries showed in the Working Hunter class. None of the Working Hunters showed in the HCP Final. I did not check the other HCP Championships. Apparently my stalking has limits.

Results screencapped from HorseShowsOnline. I’m hoping they reproduce better than they are looking in the preview.

Curmudgeon Comment

Saddlebreds do their victory pass at a trot. Fine, that’s their tradition. Hunter jumpers do a victory gallop (canter). That’s their tradition. Therefore, I am of the opinion that Saddlebreds showing hunt seat should do their victory pass at a canter. Doesn’t usually happen. In this class, after the victory trot with all ribbon winners, the champion and reserve did a victory gallop. Finally!

Show Photos by Howie Schatzberg

www.howardschatzbergphoto.com > Show Proofs > 2021 > St. Louis Charity > SEPT 30, THURSDAY – MORNING

028A – Saddle And Bridle Working Hunter Final – Fences

030 – ASB Jumper Stake


028B – Saddle And Bridle Working Hunter Final – Flat

This will be me some day.

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  1. We’ve been hearing about the zebras on local news radio (I haven’t been watching tv news). They seem to be adapting quite well to this environment. Wouldn’t surprise me if they reproduced and we have a permanent herd of zebras in the area.

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