Moving the Goal Posts, Virtual Tevis, 98 Miles and Holding, 73 Days


Awareness of the outside world. UNESCO: World Teachers’ Day.

I’ve decided not to count Rodney’s miles at Full Circle Horse Park, at least not all of them. We did just over 5 & 1/2 miles in two trips.

Originally, the goal was to walk around the edges of the cross-country field, racking up the miles. While we did some wandering about, the two days turned into much more of XC jump schools. Which is awesome! but doesn’t feel as if should count toward a virtual trail ride, at least not the jumping bits.

The other option is to Count! Every! Step! which is what we did last year. Rodney finished just under the wire and Milton needed the extended deadline to finish. This year, we got our miles in early. It’s a lot easier to be a purist when one is over 90 miles with weeks to go.

We will finish next week, one way or another. Rodney has already done 2 & 1/4 make-up miles, so using the every step method, he would be done. Barring rain or other calamities (crosses fingers), we should be able to get to up 103 or 105 miles by next weekend and declare victory. Dragging this out for one more week is ridiculous enough. Not doing that for two weeks.

Leaving those miles in Milton’s total. 1) He’s already finished. 2) He spent the time at Full Circle walking about watching Rodney, a much more trail-esque activity. 3) He did 7 of the miles with Rodney this week, so he’s over 100 miles no matter how you count.

Did I do this because it gave me another week of VT posting? No. I’m enough of a curmudgeon that I would have done so anyway, provided we had the time. Do I object that doing this gave me another week of VT posting? Also no.

Tortoise Power!

Where are we virtually?

Milestone. Rodney.

Map. Close enough to the end that I stopped.

Data Dump – Rodney

Tuesday, September 28 – 1.82 miles, 45 minutes
Wednesday, September 29 – 1.64 miles, 54 minutes
Thursday, September 30 – 2 miles, 51 minutes
Friday, October 1 – 2.03 miles, 54 minutes
Saturday, October 2 – .93, 25 minutes. Storm arrived. Rode solo. Rodney was a star about it.
Sunday, October 3 – .63 miles, 20 minutes. Muddy footing. That’s all the complaining I could listen to.
Monday, October 3 – .71 miles, 18 minutes. The radar lies!

Distance this week – 9 & 3/4 miles
Time this week – 4.5 hours
Rides this week – 7 days

Total distance – somewhere between 93 – 98 miles. VT results page has us at 98.93 miles.
Total time – xx hours. Too confusing to calculate.
Total rides – 54 days
Total calendar – 73 days

Pace, time to go one mile – 27:16 m/m, per VT results page

Numbers rounded off for ease of reporting. May not add up as given.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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