Around The Pasture in 80 Days, Rodney Finishes The Virtual Tevis, 100 Miles, 80 Days


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Two horses in the clubhouse.

Numbers this week; thoughts next week. Yes, I am squeezing out every possible ounce of blogging juice from this. The Virtual Tevis was our main summer/autumn activity.

Rodney missed the same 11 vet and weather days as Milton.
… missed 5 more days due to shoeing.
… did 3 solo days once Milton finished.
… did 4 extra days as to make up for “non-trail” miles.

5 rides under one mile.
27 rides 1 to 2 miles.
22 rides 2 to 3 miles.
3 rides over 3 miles.

Longest ride – 3.1 miles. Doing trot sets to the corner.
Shortest ride – 0.63. Rodney by himself, complaining about the footing every step of the way.

Longest stretch of daily riding – 14 days, Milton.

Tortoise Power!

Data Dump – Rodney

Friday, October 1 – .91 miles, 23 minutes
Saturday, October 2 – 1.01 miles, 40 minutes. Two minor fusses over bushwhacking in the wilds of his own pasture. [Fit The First]
Sunday, October 10 – 2.54 miles, 1 hour 8 minutes. Aiming for three miles to end on a long note. No dice. Had to stop due to Milton having tack issues.

Distance this week – 4.46 miles
Time this week – 2 hours 11 minutes
Rides this week – 3 days

Rodney’s Final Stats, Official

Total distance – 100 miles
Total time – 45 hours 26 minutes
Total rides – 52 days
Total calendar – 78 days

Pace, time to go one mile – 27:16 m/m, per VT results page

Rodney’s Final Stats, Unofficial [Moving the Goal Posts]

Total distance – 105.68 miles
Total time – 48 hours 11 minutes
Total rides – 57 days
Total calendar – 78 days. Finished last Sunday. Today is 80. Took liberties with the title.

Milton’s Stats, for comparison [Milton Reaches The Imaginary Finish Line]

Total distance – 100 miles
Total time – 44 hours
Total rides – 49 days
Total calendar – 59 days

Pace, time to go one mile – 26:26 m/m, per VT results page

Numbers rounded off for ease of reporting. May not add up as given.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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