Milton Reaches The Imaginary Finish Line, 100 Miles and 91 Miles, 66 Days


Awareness of the outside world. CNN: Race and ethnicity across the nation, Keefe, Wolfe and Hernandez, Aug. 12, 2021. Yes, Virginia, segregation is still a thing, de facto if no longer de jure. I think of NYC as multi-cultural rather than segregated, yet data shows that Manhattan is sliced in two right at the top of Central Park. I realize this is a surprise to no one. That sound is my optimistic delusions wilting in the glare of reality.


Milton. Yay! Cheers for Milton! He was amazingly consistent. 100 miles in 49 rides in 59 days. They both missed the first day while indulging in a woe-fest recovering from their annual vetting. After that it was rain &/or mud days. He had stretches of 12 to 14 days in a row. Bravo! Milton even chose to pull his shoe hours before the blacksmith came. Waited in a stall. Got shod. Went right back to work the next day. Unlike some horses I could mention. But I digress. Milton was a star.

Rodney. Since Rodney’s feet cannot hang onto the workboots, we are back to letting him adjust after shoeing. Three days off and a light weekend. Sigh. [Shoeing Dilemma]

Tortoise Power! Corrected from previous. These two are definitely land animals.

Where are we virtually?

Milestone. Rodney.

Map. Close enough to the end that I stopped.

Data Dump – Milton

Tuesday, September 21 – .08 miles, ?? minutes. Yeah. He was that close.

Total distance – 100 miles
Total time – 44 hours
Total rides – 49 days
Total calendar – 59 days

Pace, time to go one mile – Milton 26:26 m/m, per VT results page

Data Dump – Rodney

Tuesday, September 21 – .91 miles, 29 minutes
Saturday, September 25 – 1.01 miles, 28 minutes
Sunday, September 26 – 1.67 mile, 54 minutes
Monday, September 27 – 1.62 miles, 44 minutes

Distance this week – 5 miles
Time this week – 2.5 hours
Rides this week – 4 days

Total distance – 91 miles
Total time – 42 hours.
Total rides – 47 days
Total calendar – 66 days

Pace, time to go one mile – 27:16 m/m, per VT results page

Numbers rounded off for ease of reporting. May not add up as given.

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