Blanket Defense


Awareness of the outside world. A data point. “The Trump administration added about $7.8 trillion of today’s $28 trillion debt, and during his term, Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling three times.” Letters From An American: September 22, 2021. Richardson, Sep 23.

Have I blanketed an unclipped horse? Yes, I have.

Is it 75o? Yes, it is.

In our – feeble – defense, this was during the undressing. The temps suddenly dropped below 50 during the nights last week. Rodney hates the cold and has an high tolerance for warming devices. He has been wearing the lighter blanket at night. This particular night was the last of this go-round. He will take a break as the nights get more seasonable and then return to pajamas for winter, such as it is down here. As a bonus for the rider, the blanket keeps his back loose and his attitude perky. [Piling on the Therapy]

Am I glad that Rodney has decided to wear blankets again? Yes, I am. [Blankets Are Back]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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