Blog Logo, Coloring Invitation


Awareness of the outside world. NASA Releases Interactive Graphic Novel “First Woman”.

In the spirit of yesterday’s participation post, a blank blog logo for you to embellish. [Announcing A New Feature]

Copy. Download. Print. Cast in clay. Whatever.

Fill. Color. Decorate. Fold into origami shapes. Whatever.

(Oooh. There’s an idea. I wonder if it’s been done? Of course it has. Origami Alphabet. But I digress.)

Return. I post. We admire.

No money. No prizes. For giggles only.

Remember to sign your work.

Process Notes. Drew letters. Least I could do if I was asking you to be creative. Gridded. Maximized internal space. Inkscape/GIMP.

Project Inspiration

“For Mapping Manhattan, Becky Cooper gave out blank maps. People filled the silhouettes … The maps of Manhattan are the same but different.” [Letter Art: Invitation]

Color your heart out. Surprise me. Surprise us.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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