Waiting For Nicholas To Pass By, Virtual Tevis, 99 and 86 Miles, 59 Days


Awareness of the outside world. The Sacramento Bee: New aerial video shows rugged terrain, Auburn landmarks, planes attacking Bridge Fire, Caraccio, September 09, 2021. This is the area of the IRL Tevis.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression Nicholas never got closer to us than Louisiana, but it made its feelings known. A week of light, constant rain. Just enough to keep the day damp and the ground squishy. If we had better footing or tougher horses, we could have ridden. We don’t, so we didn’t.

Turtle Power!

Where are we virtually?

Milestones. Milton. None for this week. His next milestone is the finish line.

Milestone. Rodney.

Map. Did not update this week. See below.

Data Dump

Tuesday, September 14 – 2.25 miles, 57 minutes
Sunday, September 19 – 1.08 mile, 30 minutes. Otherwise known as A Mile In The Mud. Horses handled themselves well. Mud protocol is paying off. [Working The Walk]
Monday, September 20 – 1.11 miles, 31 minutes

Did not update numbers. Too much work for too little gain. Add 3 rides and 4 miles to last week’s numbers. Rodney went from 81 total miles to 86 total miles in four miles b/c I round down for distance. Actual numbers, 81.79 miles as of last week + 4.44 miles this week = 86.23 miles total for Rodney.

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No boots were sucked off in the staging of the mud photo. But it was a close thing. Puddle chosen for maximum dramatic effect. Horses do not walk through this.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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