Instructor Woes


Awareness of the outside world. Reads that Norm McDonald died at the age of 61. Thinks, ‘That’s old.’ Counts on fingers. Realizes that’s self in three years. Huh.

Struck out with another possible instructor. Schedules and shipping-in did not mesh. The horse world is not set up for AOTs anymore, at least down here.

Update. AOTs – Amateur-owner trainers. People in charge of their own horses.

We are looking to set up a group lesson for both horses, both riders. We figure we are all in about the same place, although for different reasons. Milton and Milton’s rider are green. Rodney and Rodney’s rider need to reestablish their game.

We are not looking for a unicorn, or even a zebra. We don’t need FEI instruction. Given the levels we are aiming for, both riders have enough experience and way too much theory stuffed into their heads. We need eyes on the ground and someone who is not our spouse to tell us to sit up. An understanding of the inner workings of the local h/j rules would be a plus.

You wouldn’t think it would be this hard to find someone to take our money. Yet, here we are.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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