Milton Leads Into The Home Stretch, Virtual Tevis, 95 and 81 Miles, 52 Days


Awareness of the outside world. Whatever: An Actual Party of Death, Now, Sept 10, 2021. Whatever: How Bad Should We Feel When the Willfully Unvaccinated Die?, August 9 2021. Tomorrow, I promise to recognize some other current crisis.

Getting ready to ride at Full Circle Horse Park.

Milton is almost done with his 100 miles. It’s not really going to do him any good. He will still accompany Rodney’s miles, as Rodney did last year while Milton finished.

We could have “waited” with Milton, counting only the miles we do together. I figured that with life one never knows. With horses, one never knows squared.

Turtle power!

Where are we virtually?

Milestones. Milton.

Milestones. Rodney.

Map. 81& 95 miles in. Graphic from Tevis Cup: About the Trail, shading mine.

Tevis Cup: Trail Sections & Historic Notes

Data Dump

Tuesday, September 7 – Milton 2 miles, 50 minutes, Rodney 0 miles. Milton solo mileage estimated from ride time & work. [How Not To Start A Three-Day Weekend]
Wednesday, September 8 – 1.76 miles, 44 minutes. Getting out of the 50-whatever minute rut.
Thursday, September 9 – 1.96 miles, 53 minutes
Friday, September 10 – 2.21 miles, 1 hour
Saturday, September 11 – 2.27 miles, 1 hour 10 minutes. FCHP
Sunday, September 12 – 1.54 miles, 45 minutes. Had thought to go longer. Everyone so relaxed and mellow we ended early.
Monday, September 13 – 1.27 miles, 39 minutes

Distance this week – Milton 13 miles, Rodney 11 miles
Time this week – Milton 6 hours, Rodney 5 hours
Rides this week – Milton 7 days, Rodney 6 days

Total distance – Milton 95 miles, Rodney 81 miles
Total time – Milton 42 hours, Rodney 37 hours.
Total rides – Milton 45 days, Rodney 40 days
Total calendar – 52 days

Pace, time to go one mile – Milton 26:32 m/m, Rodney 27:09 m/m, per VT results page

Numbers rounded off for ease of reporting. May not add up as given.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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