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Awareness of the outside world. Remarks by President Biden on Fighting the COVID-⁠19 Pandemic. 9 September 2021.

The shoeing schedule around here has entered the realm of the absurd.

Rodney pulled a shoe. Got reshod. [Shoeing Dilemma]

Since it was only three weeks in, Milton was nowhere near ready to be reshod. Blacksmith would have to come back to do one horse. Annoying but unavoidable.

Milton has always been shod on Rodney’s schedule, since Rodney comes due earlier. Now we could wait and do Milton when he was ready.

Scheduled for five weeks. Done.

Now the two schedules are completely out of sync. Different starting dates for the current shoes. Different durations until the next set. Rodney is getting done every four weeks; Milton, every five weeks.

Then, there was the surprise visit to tack on the sprung shoe. [How Not To Start A Three-Day Weekend, Horse Shoe Edition]

In September/October the blacksmith is scheduled to come out here three times in five weeks. Sprung shoe, above. Return in two weeks for Rodney’s regular appointment. Return in two weeks to shoe Milton.

I have unilaterally added a hassle fee to my farrier bill.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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