State of the Fitness, Lots of Walks, Not Lots of Else

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. The news industry is full of divination. If this happens, that horrible thing will happen. If this does not happen, that other horrible thing will happen. Well, maybe. We can’t actually tell the future. How much of this story is reporting and how much is prediction? Is the prediction based on educated guesswork or wild hysteria? Worth keeping in mind if one is the type to get spun up reading/watching the news.

The Summit

Walk Reports, New Places

Alabaster Promenade, shopping plaza. Across the road from Colonial Promenade. Took photos; too blah to use. [Places and Parks, August Walks I]
3 September 2021
1.05 miles
22 minutes

Downtown Homewood. Running an errand, walked the long way around to get virtual Mississippi River mileage total back to even number. No photo due to rain. Light enough to walk in; too wet for pics. I dry; phone doesn’t. [Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River, Part One, Minnesota]
16 September 2021
.63 miles
15 minutes

TheSummit, shopping plaza. Bookstore at one end, ice pop shop at the other. What’s not to love? Started at one end the first day. Went back & started from the other end the second day, with company.
19 September 2021
1.19 miles
29 minutes
20 September 2021
1.04 miles
29 minutes

Full Circle Horse Park, one mile toward Virtual Tevis [The Flag Question, XC Schooling]
Jemison Park, virtual 1K [Replicating The Setting, Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile 2021]
Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, virtual 5K [post pending]
18th Street Tunnel, virtual 5K [post pending]

The rest were parks that I have been to before or laps around the pasture. GPS images from Map My Walk & Strava.

Other Activities

Dance. 2 of 6 at The Dance Foundation. Fall season started. Signed up for twice a week, then managed to miss most of them. The first week I was suffering from overwhelm. Not anything in particular. Just *gestures vaguely in every direction*. Week two, I felt off. Almost completely sure it was my tum being disgruntled. Almost. So I stayed home one of the days. Week three, blacksmith has moved shoeing to Tuesdays. Rodney’s ridiculous feet mean missing Tuesday class every other week. [Shoeing Schedule]

Biking. None.

Stretching. Also none.

Cardio. Say what?

Motion Days

Span – 28 days, from the previous summary Aug 27 to yesterday 23 Sept, inclusive. [Places and Parks, August Walks II]

Total – 24 days. 23 days walking and 2 dance classes, Homewood was dance & walk on the same day. That’s why the numbers don’t math.

Yay for movement. Boo for variety. I only give myself partial credit for the walking. It is an exercise that comes easily to me, so it’s not a struggle for me to get out. Other activities, more of a struggle.

What are you doing for exercise these days?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

2 thoughts on “State of the Fitness, Lots of Walks, Not Lots of Else

  1. Since the new report in JAMA suggests that 7,000 steps a day is as good for mortality as 10,000, I have set a goal of 5,000 a day with the intention of getting to 7,000 gradually.
    10,000 is intimidating. 5,000 is doable. This week, I walked over 5,000 steps three times in the last six days.
    I try to get 20 minutes of straight walking for cardio health but the rest is just adding steps all day.
    I’m not a jock and this works for me.

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