Places and Parks, August Walks I

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. The ultimate political divide. A high tide raises all boats. If you win, I win. VERSUS Life is a zero-sum game. The only way for you to win is for me to lose. It’s hard to see a middle ground between these two. Either you cheer for the success of others, or you fear it.

Lots of new places this month. Split over 2 posts.

Started a group chat for walking. (Waves hi with both hands.) I don’t find it as much a matter of accountability as keeping the idea in forefront of my mind. For example, my in-house mechanic was off doing something useful at Lowe’s. I realized I had 20 minutes and and could fit in a walk. (I delude myself that a miles takes me 20 minutes.) So I walked up and down the sidewalk of the strip mall at Colonial Promenade. This led to several sidewalk walks this month.

This week’s takeaway message for those who might not be interested in Bham info. Find .25 mile stretch. Do it four times. Boom. Mile done. Plus the pretty pictures.

Walks tracked with Map My Walk. All mileage credit to [Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River, Part One, Minnesota].

Colonial Promenade
While waiting
7 August 2021
1.01 miles
25 minutes

Zaxby’s, as was
Parking lot of former fast food restaurant while waiting for oil change and tire rotation. [Shod]
13 August 2021
1.04 miles
30 minutes

Pepper Place
Around bike race [Giving Birmingham Its Due]
14 August 2021
1.5 miles
45 minutes

Lee Branch Shopping Center
Running errand.
16 August 2021
1.13 miles
27 minutes

Parks are pretty but they don’t usually come with fries. Lee Branch.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Thank you for your description of the contrasting views of life. I’ve never seen it put so clearly. Excellent nutshell.

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