Replicating The Setting, Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile 2021

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Library of Congress: National Book Festival. Starts today, runs through September 26.

Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile
Official – September 4 to 12, 2021
Me – September 6, 2021
Location – Jemison Park
Tracking App – Strava. Testing the join-up for a future walk

No medal but the entry was free, so why not. Gorgeous day, so I walked up and back. Second mile counted toward Mississippi project, [Biking and Walking Virtually]


Virtual Walk

My walk was a virtual companion to the IRL walk on Sept 12. “The race will take a straight line down 5th Avenue, starting near East 80th Street and finishing near East 60th Street.” New Balance 5th Avenue Mile.

That part of 5th Avenue runs along Central Park. Fancy houses on one side; civic greenery on the other.

Therefore, I chose …

IRL Walk

… Jemison Park.

Jemison Park is a linear park that runs alongside Shades Creek and Mountain Book Parkway, through the Birmingham suburb of Mountain Brook. “Mountain Brook is a particularly affluent suburb of Birmingham, and has ranked as one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.” Bham Wiki: Mountain Brook.

Fancy houses on one side; civic greenery on the other. Even the roar of traffic for increased verisimilitude.

Virtual and IRL

Once I saved the walk within the app, it immediately signaled my completion of the official walk. How did it know? Back in the dark ages, when 1984 was still in the future, we were all concerned about the arrival of Big Brother. No one predicted that we would spend hundreds of dollars for devices we would carry with us at all times and then ASK Big Sibling to keep track of where we are and who we know.

Last Year

[Strolling Along The Avenue In My Mind’s Eye, Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile, September 2020]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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