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Awareness of the outside world. Today is World Ozone Day. This year’s theme, UN: Montreal Protocol – Keeping us, our food, and vaccines cool.

The original subject for today’s post is still under discussion. Well, not really, but I’m giving it one more day. Meanwhile, here is a cute trend I just noticed.


Nestle Toll House Chips

Down The Rabbit Hole

UPC. “Beep! On 26 June 1974, a packet of chewing gum became the first barcoded product to be scanned in store.” GS1: How We Got Here.

“SKU, in full stock keeping unit, a code number, typically used as a machine-readable bar code, assigned to a single item of inventory.” (Enyclopaedia) Britannica: SKU

“‘ISBN’ stands for ‘International Standard Book Number’. An ISBN is a number, not a bar code. One agency per country is designated to assign ISBNs for the publishers and self-publishers located in that country.” About the ISBN Standard

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. I’m getting hooked on your Awareness links. I had no idea that ozone was so organized. Comforting. Thank you.

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