Rodney’s Ridiculous Feet


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Just when we thought Rodney’s footwear could not get any more absurd, I give you …

… socks.

When I took his boots off the day before, he had rubs on his right front heels. I think the fit changes as his feet grow/get trimmed. That would make sense.

Did we do this with Mathilda? Yes, we did. She was a geriatric mare with lameness issues. I don’t know what Rodney’s excuse is. [Fine]

Do the socks look ratty? Yes, they do. Using discarded husband sox. Therefore the sox have holes. Goal is to cushion the heels. Therefore, the holes are to the front.

Has Rodney achieved a fabulous retirement without the effort of stupendous career? Yes. Yes, he has.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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