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Awareness of the outside world. UN: International Translation Day. Translators have one of those thankless jobs. The better they are at the job, the less they are noticed. Kudos to them.

This one was sturdier than the last batch. Still there a day later. [Mini Mushrooms]

Down The Rabbit Hole

“Only eight species of fungus commonly grow on horse manure.” Garden Guides: How to Identify Fungus That Grows on Horse Manure, Terry, 2017.

“Mushrooms growing in horse manure are typically toxic or psychoactive.” Fun in the Yard: What Kind Of Mushrooms Grow In Horse Manure, Thomas.

Science Daily
New antibiotic in mushroom that grows on horse dung
Date: November 7, 2014 Source: ETH Zurich
“Summary: A new protein with antibiotic properties has been found in a mushroom that grows on horse dung. Researchers are now exploring the various potential applications.”

Mushroom World: Mushroom Identification Basics

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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