Tertium Quid, Redux

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Awareness of the outside world. Tau Day.

[Tertium Quid]

Folks at the clinic were surprised to find out that Rodney is 22 years old. Yeah, he looks good for his age. Plus, he’s had it pretty easy the last 10 years. I know. I was there. [Clinic Report]


It got me thinking about a third horse. Again.

I tried the go-with-the-flow version.

So, I’m not so much horse shopping as letting the universe know that I am open to a unicorn trotting up my driveway. We’ll see how that goes.

[Tertium Quid]

That was 2017, four years ago. Really? Four years? Time flies.

Then there was the whiney version.

Not as obvious as it sounds. I had to look out of the state for Rodney. I had to look out of the freaking country for Milton.

[Gotcha Day]

That was 2020, mid-pandemic.

I need to get on this.

My horse shopping situation has not changed.

The area I live in doesn’t have the density of horses that Lexington has … I have trouble getting people to take me seriously … My past decisions didn’t always work out.

[Crowdsourcing, 2012

That was 2012. ignore the optimistic tone. It took 2 more years to find Milton.

On the upside, I found out that I’m not alone.

How does a person who likes to take things slowly and steadily with unfamiliar horses, buy her next eventing partner?!

TheMareWhoNooneWanted: The Gelding Everyone Wanted

Alternatively, Milton and I could learn to work together.

In theory.

In reality, I’m not sure there are enough supplements in the tack store to make that happen. [When Milton Adores Me, Milton’s Meals]

No answers. A where-my-head-is-at post.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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