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Awareness of the outside world. Tokyo Olympics. Would you go? As an athlete? A volunteer? A spectator? Assuming costs covered, qualified, etc. etc. Me? I’ve been vaccinated. I trust the science. I would feel personally safe to go. However, I would be concerned about the burden on the host country. The Guardian: In Japan most people want to cancel the Olympics, but the government won’t listen, Nakano, May 24, 2021.

Note. No loyalty to this brand or formulation. This was easily available for proof of concept.
So, Milton. Looks like we need to have the food talk with you as well.

You may have noticed that there is less in the bucket and that it doesn’t taste the same. You were having trouble keeping the marbles on the table. We had to makes some changes.

The first place to start was fewer calories. Hence the portion control. We’ve also taken you off the fancy food. You are not a zebra horse. You don’t need zebra feed.

We’ve also put you on a supplement that should help you keep it together in times of adversity, like when someone is trying to get on.
But seriously folks.

Milton was getting shirty about mounting. It was taking forever to get him settled at the mounting block and if everything wasn’t perfect, he’d have a come-apart. Riding was fine. It was the start that was the issue.

Spring? Too much food?

In researching the issue, random source on the Internet said that the problem with spring grass is that it is fast growing, and therefore low in magnesium.


Deficiency symptoms included angry, oversensitive, and not liking to be touched. Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner. Or at least worth a try. One has to have a theory. The alternative is hopeless despair.

On one hand, I’m willing to admit that much of the supplement industry is a) for the owner and b) produces expensive urine.

OTOH, I’m also willing to believe that the terroir of Canada is different than that of Alabama.

He’s been on it for a month.

Mounting has gotten way better. Could be our brilliant training methods. Could be instituting a mounting cookie as a reward. Could be the supplement. Could be that Spring is over.

Riding is good.

His attitude around the barn has gotten better. He seems more relaxed. Brushing isn’t the worst thing to happen to a horse. To the extent that we would keep him on the supplement even if there was no change in mounting/riding.

Here’s the weird part. His color has changed. He’s much darker. I can testify that white and dark hair behave differently. My hair looks much whiter and fluffier after washing. Changes to Milton’s skin changes how the white and black hairs are seated?

Dunno. Gonna stay with it for a while.

If minerals are the issue, then starch is not. Took him off the fancy food. I’m not heartbroken, that stuff was a pain to find. He’s now getting generic pellets from the local co-op.

So that’s Milton. The boots were part one. Perhaps the missing magnesium is part two? As with the boots, coincidence is not causation. I know this rationally. Emotionally, I am deep into straw-grasping territory. [Miracle Boots]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

7 thoughts on “Milton’s Meals

  1. Magnesium is an anti-stress supplement for people too
    We’ve taken a product called Calm (Magnesium) and it works.
    Cross-species experience of supplements also worked when you recommended Glucosamine Chondroitin for inflammation. I’ve been taking it for decades, literally, and it makes a big difference.
    We’re not so different after all, we mammals.

  2. Coat color genetics is one of my interests. It’s not uncommon for there to be seasonal changes in coat color, but food related? I’ll have to look that one up for you.

  3. Curiosity. I read blogs on all kinds of things. Living in a tiny apartment. Staying with your husband/wife when he/she transitions – 2 of these actually. Ballroom dancing. Fascinating.

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