Miracle Boots

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Awareness of the outside world. “Ingenuity carries a swatch of fabric from the Wright brothers’ plane.” CNN: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter survives first freezing night on Mars, by Strickland, April 2021.

Without boots, Milton has two modes: super slow motion and sticky OR coming unglued and hopping about like a wind-up toy. [too many posts to mention]

With boots.

Walk? Over-tracking while on the buckle.

Trot? Okay.

Canter? Sure thing, Boss. Immediately. Off voice command.

It’s awesome.

It’s also annoying.

Us: 7 years. We tried everything. The answer was boots? BOOTS?! Really? REALLY?!

Milton: Yes.

Us: Well, okay then.
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Stay safe. Stay sane.

8 thoughts on “Miracle Boots

  1. Racing would more likely be a bad memory for a slow racehorse. No one likes to be bad at their job & horses know when humans think the horse has failed. My $0.02.

  2. Makes sense. Perhaps it’s just a security issue and he physically feels better with them- in any event, happily taking a breakthrough, whatever the reasoning behind it, remains a good situation! It is an interesting turn of events! Hopefully leading to a positive 2021- he’s a very handsome horse!

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