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Awareness of the outside world. BBC news: Muons: ‘Strong’ evidence found for a new force of nature, by Ghosh, April 2021.

Since it worked for Milton, we cobbled together a second set for Rodney.

New idea, so he disliked it.

May have reminded him of the show ring, which was not his happy place.

Better trot & canter, but within the margin of error for observer bias.

Reduced tendency to opt for the canter when he felt the trot was too much work.

Better on second day with a different set of front boots.

Enough to stay with them for now. We are now a fully-booted barn.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

5 thoughts on “Rodney’s Boots

  1. Loved the post about muons! Have to share my nerd-humor on them. In college my physics class was taught by Prof Robert Resnick, who co-authored the main textbook of the time. One of the first days of class he told us the book was filled with jokes, but on the rotating years when the other author (Halliday) edited the book, he took Resnick’s jokes out, and then the years that Resnick edited, he put them all back in. So of course we wanted examples of the jokes, and he pointed us to a page about subatomic particles where it said something like “protons, electrons, neutrons, muons and so-ons..” At which point he couldn’t stop laughing… Yeah, good times…

  2. From now on, all those confusing subatomic particles will be collectively be referred to as so-ons.
    … and he did a thing with enthusiasm, see tomorrow.

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