The Boot Barrage Begins, Milton

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Awareness of the outside world. Much like during Rolex or the Derby, my main concern with last night’s speech was that everyone get back to the barn in one piece. I wonder how long it will be before we stop worrying about events at the Capitol. If ever.

New-to-us saddle pad & hind boots from the tack sale at the show. Both at prices low enough to be worth taking a flyer on. [Guest Photos, Shopping]

Felt Saddle Pad
I have never gotten alongside gel or nouveau-material saddle pads. Seem to me that the gel would squish away from where it is most needed. Nor do I see how thin can be better than thick, no matter how many eggs you drop on it. Give me a big old hunk of sheep product any day.


Milton already has a square felt pad. Now he has a shaped one for show wear.

Back Boots
Having said all of that about technical materials, I opt for Neoprene leg boots.

[Rodney’s Boots]

I don’t like fuzzy. They pick up grit from the footing and get matted. Rodney’s new boots were bought to replace the fuzzy ones. Since the new boots are thicker, they will become his hind boots. The back boots pictured here will be his front boots. Score one for interchangeability. [Boot Barrage, Rodney]

[Times Change]

No one seems to do the old white and blue-stripped Hampa boots any more.

[Miracle Boots]

I would love a pair of fancy leather boots. But anything that close to the ground gets dirty by definition. The leather straps would require constant care.

Synthetic rubber it is. File this between convenience and I contain multitudes.

Overheating can be an issue with anything rubberized. Heat isn’t a problem for Rodney. He’s part lizard. The warmer the better. Milton seems be so happy to have his legs padded that he hasn’t complained. We’ll see what they think come summer.

Update. Hampa photo added, once someone reminded me of it.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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