Times Change

… not always for the worst.

At last weekend’s show [Report], we had a chance to school in the ring the night before. Afterwards, my instructor tried to get into my head what I need to work on for the classes the next day. Apparently, I looked in control of my horse but lacked polish, “You’re a power rider.”

What? A power rider? Me? When did that happen?

Bentley DarnestwnBentley schBack in my formative riding years, I looked lovely on a horse. I was young, and tall, and thin. I oozed elegance. Unfortunately, I didn’t ride anywhere near as well as I looked. On more than one occasion, I ended up too far from the dock because instructors assumed I could handle far more than I was capable of. I had never had cause to reexamine this internal portrait of myself as a rider. (Photos by KP Mautner, probably.)

In the intervening decades, I retrained an OTTB and often worked on my own. Turns out my effectiveness has grown but I’ve gotten sloppy on the details. Since I strongly believe good form contributes to effective function, I am happy to go back to the basics of getting my shoulders back, my head up, etc.

Meanwhile. A power rider? Well, thank you.

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  1. Yes, KPM photographs. And “power rider” is a translation of what we’ve always told you – you have an electric seat. Will have to dig up some more classic photos.

      1. Darnestown PTA @ Seneca Valley on October 31, 19-mumble-mumble. Since it was held on Halloween, I braided Bentley in orange yarn & showed him as The Great Pumpkin.

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