Doctor Whooves Is Ready For His Close Up, FCHP Schooling Show, April 2021, Guest Photos

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Awareness of the outside world. Two weeks out from my second shot. I’m as vaccinated as I’m going to get. Bring on the outside world … slowly.

“We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.” Adams
Photo guru Meg McKinney brought her critters class to the show as a photo field trip. Photo student Averil Loague was kind enough to send me the photos of Rodney. Welcome Averil! [Show Report]


Warm up.

Next to go.

Hunter hunch. Pretty horsie.

Preparing to circle at B.

Canter circle.

Canter circle.

We are supposed to be trotting. Why do we both look like we are taking the inside turn in a jump-off?

Second canter circle.

Medium walk. Me sitting up and pretending to be a dressage rider. Seriously, that’s what I was telling myself.

Turn down centerline …

… and finish.

No saddle for Rodney. Found a felt pad and back boots for Milton.

Modeling Session

Pause for applesauce.

We offer to be portrait practice.

My hooman is odd, but she’s my hooman.

Finally, ears!


What dis?

[Conversations With My Horse], on-course narration.

Jump 1

Jump 2. Check out those hindquarters. That’s a lot of effort for a crossrail that one might consider simply trotting over. Just sayin’.

From 2 to 3

Jump 3. I failed to follow with my hands on many occasions. Hard to go from ‘Trotting. Trotting. Trotting.’ to ‘Here ya go.’ Plus, when I fling the reins at him, he doesn’t always take it the right way.

Jump 6. Paw-holding was the order of the day.

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Thank you Averil! Added later, along with logo. Should have said 10q in the first place.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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