New Equipment, Hoofpicks, Take II


Awareness of the outside world. Bright notes. Dancing in the streets, Balloon Juice: Wednesday Morning Respite Open Thread , by Laurie, April 21, 2021. BBC: Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough, by Roxby, April 23, 2021.

Ultimate HoofPicks. Yellow is standard, I prefer the smaller blue/pink ones. This is our second set, in case the others are still packed in the trailer. [Hoof Care]

Yeah, I like them that much.

There’s no revolution in form here. They have the standard hoof pick shape. They shouldn’t be that special.

And yet, I find myself searching for one of these while bypassing the hordes of non-Ultimate hoof picks that have accumulated over the years.

It’s a cumulative effect. The angle is a bit better. The digging surface is a bit sturdier. It takes fewer passes to clean the foot.

They just work.

I want to buy armfuls and hand one to everyone I know who has a horse.

No special deals here. No relationship to the manufacturer, other than giving them my money. I just really like these hoof picks.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “New Equipment, Hoofpicks, Take II

  1. Look nice. I probably would have gotten a small one if I still had a horse. Would make a nice weapon. *sigh* That’s where my mind is this morning.

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