New Equipment, Hoof Care


Lucky enough to have a horse.


We needed hoofpicks. All of our many, many hoofpicks had gone to live in the Land of Lost Socks. So, I thought I would try the fancy ones, The Ultimate HoofPick . I’ve never felt strongly about hoof picks, with the exception of not liking the homemade version from bent screwdrivers. Too easy to poke a hole in the sole with one of those, I found.

The brush is because Rodney grows gunk in what look to be clean hooves.

Sourcing. I tried to shop local or direct but without success in either case. Hoof brush originally from Jeffers, Legends Trotter (brush).

Have you tried The Ultimate HoofPick? Are you particular about your hoof gadgets?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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