The Return of Doctor Whooves, FCHP Schooling Show, April 2021, Guest Photos II

Riding Journal

Yay for more photos!

Photo guru Meg McKinney brought her critters class to the show as a photo field trip. Photo student Ginni Bush was kind enough to send photos. Welcome Ginni! [Show Report, Guest Photos I]


Before. Handwalking as a warm-up technique. Whatever works.

After. Who wins the smug trophy, horse or rider?

I never thought I’d see the day. [My Heart Is In My Boots]

What did I get for gaits?


Handsome face.

I was so sure I could get Rodney to roll on cue. That would have made a great subject to photograph. Alas, Rodney had other ideas. Ms. Bush still got a nice narrative shot. Our next step is imminent.

While I love having all these photos, they do force one to confront one’s shortcomings, don’t they? My hands. Gaaaaa. In my defense, the pretty stills do not tell the full story. He looks so calm. He was having such a big day. Egad! A crossrail!

Quotes from jumping post. [Conversations With My Horse]

Jump 2.

Me: (Rodney gets an eyeful of white poles. ) We’re trotting and we’re trotting and we’re trotting.

Rodney: !

Jump 3.

Me: Look at the jumps, not your fan club on the rail.

Rodney: .

Jump 5.

Me: (Course is colorful. This fence is brighter than the rest. Puts leg on.)

Rodney: !!

Me: Didn’t like Auburn colors? Maybe you’re an Alabama horse.

Thank you Ginni!

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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