Extending The Sweet Gum Branch

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Awareness of the outside world. I suspect the people who are getting their knickers in a twist over CRT (see yesterday) are conflating it with the 1619 Project. Personally, I’m all for teaching the full story. Politically, I am having a hard time seeing the NYT as a hotbed of subversive discourse. The Old Gray Lady is as establishment as it gets.

Go figure.

My head-shy horse has no problem with a branch swishing around his ears.

Rodney’s neck is too long for me to reach forward to flick bugs off his ears. So I grabbed a branch. (Thank you, tree.) I thought I’d have to get him used to the idea. Nope. He was cool with it from the first swat. I can even whack his ears/poll/neck.

Anything in pursuit of deer flies, horse flies, and their bitey ilk.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay unbitten.

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