Let The Summer Hours Begin

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Awareness of the outside world. “Critical Race Theory … is an academic movement … seek to critically examine the law as it intersects with issues of race …” Wiki: CRT. If we are going to argue about it, at least know what it is.

“I’ve taught in American law schools for 30 years … And I can guarantee you that until it became Fox News’s favorite new chew toy about fifteen minutes ago, the overwhelming majority of law professors had only the vaguest trending toward non-existent idea of what Critical Race Theory even is — ‘um, something like critical legal studies but about race?’ — and CRT was invented in American law schools!” L,G&M: It’s like a fly in your Chardonnay (Republican Freedom Edition), Campos, 2021.

Unrelated wildlife for visual interest.

The heat is here.

Midday is ridiculously hot.

Evening is cool-ish; the bugs are belligerent.

Early AM here we come.

I probably said this last year when we were getting up early for the Virtual Tevis, but it’s funny how horses have preferences.

Previous Horse made it very clear that pre-breakfast rides were not an option. Feed early. Wait. Get the ride in before 10, when it was only moderately insanely hot.

Rodney and Milton are philosophical about being greeted with saddles rather than buckets. What they do not want is their post-breakfast ritual to be disturbed. Ride. Wait. Hay & feed. Don’t talk to us we are grazing &/or napping.

Do your horses have schedule preferences?

Same frog, earlier. Look on the left flank. Apparently frogs are bothered by flies as well.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. We have “black flies”, not large black horse flies, but tiny, gnat-like flies with a stinging bite that itches fiercely for a couple of days . I have always been attractive to them. This year, however, not. They now swarm but do not land. I’ve pondered this and come up with a theory. Last year, I started eating some raw garlic before breakfast every morning for heart health reasons. I cut it up into very small pieces and swallow them with water, as if they were just another vitamin/supplement, which they are. I recently read that garlic powder in water is recommended as a natural insecticide.
    Who knew? It works.
    I wonder what R and M would do with a clove or two of garlic? Or you, K?

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