In Which Rodney Finds Out That Things Come At A Price

Horsekeeping/Riding Journal

Awareness of the outside world. You feel strongly. The issue is a dealbreaker. What do you do about people who are not on the side of the angels? If you continue the association, are you empathizing with a fellow human or betraying everything you hold dear? If you cut them off, are you living your values or being a judgmental jerk? What if it’s a business rather than a person? What if they are family? I ask for all the blue dots in red states, and for all the red dots in blue states.

[Would Sir Like His Meals Served In A Hay Net?]

Sorry, Dude.

Now that you are getting more calories from your hay, you need to get fewer calories from your feed. Time to cut back.

After a week of better access to hay, you had trouble keeping it together last weekend. I don’t mind extra spring in your step. That’s nice. I’m concerned about the extra spring in your sproing.

Remember the month-long meltdown you had all those years ago? Part of it was being fed too much hi-test. Last weekend’s rides had an echo of that. I suspect you are sensitive to being overfed. I’m definitely sensitive to you being overfed.

Look on the bright side. You’re will be getting lots and lots of lovely hay.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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