To Show Or Not To Show Or Show Or Not To Show Or

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Awareness of the outside world. Helmet safety for the ages. YouTube: Danish Road Safety Council / Helmet has always been a good idea.
Show last weekend, Didn’t go.

Rodney’s attitude was so good at the clinic that we have promoted him to normal horse behavior. You know, where you can show because you want to, not because you require endless successive approximation to get your horse alongside the idea. [Clinic Report]

If he’s comfortable in his body, he’s comfortable in his head. Mostly. For a Thoroughbred definition of comfortable in the head. That’s the theory of the moment.

Or maybe I just can’t bear the idea of another round of kindergarten dressage and crossrails. [Show Report]

I dislike bailing on shows. We don’t have a huge choice around here. If I keep talking myself out of shows because they aren’t ideal, suddenly – poof – six months has gone by and inertia has won.

To compensate, I’ve promised myself that we will concentrate on lessons & schooling this summer.

Time passes.

Wrote text. Promised self to be diligent. Rained all week. Not a gentle eventers-ride-in-rain misting. Five days of thunderstorms-at-any-moment rain. Accomplished nothing.

Immediate proof of why I keep waffling about shows. [Another One That Got Away]

On one hand, minimal interest in doing more mediocre intro dressage tests. Stay home!

OTOH, between weather, footing, lamenesses – including the ever-popular surprise abscess, and a thin schedule, do I have any room to be picky? All the shows!

More time passes.

Show last weekend. Or not.

Show has been postponed one week due to weather.

This is what I get for writing posts ahead of time. The world moves faster than my posting schedule. [The Meaning Behind Monday]

Climbs back on decision merry-go-round. Wheeeeee.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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