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Awareness of the outside world. Water here. No water there. To stay updated, U.S. Drought Monitor website.

Forecast for the show on the day before. Flash flood watch, Chance of rain 85%. Bumped up to 100% by Friday evening.

Remember the show a week ago? That I didn’t go to? That got postponed? That I was undecided about? [To Show Or Not To Show Or]

Although still underwhelmed by the thought of riding Beginner Novice dressage and jumping crossrails, I decided more progress was to be made by showing than by sitting home not showing. So, we would attend the show on the postponed date.

Before that, we had other weekend plans to finalize. Phone tag. By the time Wednesday came around, we hadn’t scheduled our other plans and I hadn’t gotten around to seeing if entries were still open.

Hello, Claudette. Tropical rain starting Saturday. Well, okay then. I have done the rain thing. I will do the rain thing again. Not on this weekend.

Update. Radar at the time USEF BN B (my theoretical class) was scheduled.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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