When Life Gives You Rain, II

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Awareness of the outside world. Belated. Didn’t want mix IRL with fiction on Saturday. The drought post made more sense yesterday. So, thoughts for next year. Vox: Juneteenth, explained, Cineas, updated 2021. The Root: Make Juneteenth Great Again: The Caucasians’ Guide to Celebrating Juneteenth, Harriot, 2021. Assist to Whatever for the Root post.

In other news. I jest, but Claudette was a fatal storm. Peace to all affected.

Water schooling care of Claudette. Took the boys over to Falcon Hill Farm last weekend.

The FHF arena footing is so excellent that horses can walk and trot through standing water without a problem. Once you can talk them into it. Rodney was fine IN the water. He didn’t like the idea of getting near it.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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