Saddle Seat Summer, Or Not

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Awareness of the outside world. Assume you are a het woman. Would you rather be in a locker room with gay women or straight men? Other inclinations may adjust as needed to answer.

Went to watch friend have lesson at Stepping Stone Farm. (Waves hi.)

I watched several riders. A few times I said to myself, I see what needs to be done, and – more surprisingly – thought I could do it. I feel that my saddle seating shut down just as I was understanding a few things. [Notes From A Lesson]


The clinic confirmed my earlier plan of staying close to home, at least in terms of riding style. [Whatever Happened To Saddlebred Wednesdays?]

My hands are good. My canter is good. My trot has way too many saddle seat leftovers. I need to move to the middle of the saddle, making all the attendant changes, and I need to lose the internal metronome that is set to a punchy show trot. [Clinic Report]

Plus, the more time I spend calming TBs, the more I alarmed I get by ASBs. [Missing The Saddlebreds, Or Not]

And finally. I. Do. Not. Miss. Wearing. Gloves.

People can learn two languages. Not me, but people. So, the plan is to spend the summer brushing up my Italian. Then in September, get back to learning Russian.

Unless I change my mind.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

5 thoughts on “Saddle Seat Summer, Or Not

  1. Ultimately, I would feel safer with gay women. I have felt threatened by men both sexually and socially, but though I know and am friends with many lesbians, I have never once felt threatened by a gay woman.

  2. Gay women. In my case, not so much from personal experience as from falling prey to the stereotype that Men are Pigs. Stereotypes are unfair, but that’s where my brain goes.

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