Missing The Saddlebreds, Or Not

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Awareness of the outside world. It is not a HIPAA violation for a business to ask if you have been vaccinated. Katelyn Jetelina: HIPAA Violation?

Last week, I went over to Stepping Stone Farm help load for a show. [Wednesday]

I Miss The Horses

Doug Shiflet Photography

[Pro-Am 2016 Show Photos by Shiflet]
Alvin telling me that I can’t handle the trot, showing me what a good drive feels like. [Trot, Team Awesome]

[Show Photos: NACHS17]
Dottie teaching me showmanship. [Show Report, Life With La Prima]

Photo by Shannon Dove Alsbrooks

[More Thoughts]
Tigger, the World’s Greatest Horse. [Thoughts, end]

[Saddlebred Three-Quarter Century Club]
And of course, Sam, aka Captain Fabulous. [So many posts. Some horses you just hit it off with.]

Among a herd of others.

Most of the horses I knew have moved, are gone, or are resting in happy retirement. I’m sure the new crew have as many memories to make.

Note for balance, I recognize that it’s not all about competition. I do have wonderful, non-show, ASB memories. Shows are where the photos are taken and the stories are written down.

I Do Not Miss The Horses
All of the above are retrospective views. Prospectively, I have the same gut-level response that I had at my first lesson 9 years ago.

Perhaps body language is one reason for the Saddlebred’s hyper reputation among hunter/jumpers and others. Picture a horse with a high head, bulging eyes and ears so alert they almost touch. In a Thoroughbred this means lift-off is immanent imminent (altho the former may be true as well). In a Saddlebred, it means hello.

[Sam I Am 2012]

Rationally, I know that Saddlebreds are not Thoroughbreds. An ASB is more likely to go on the boil than a TB. They are less likely to blow the lid off the kettle. Particularly given the Saddlebreds I ride versus the Thoroughbreds I own. I know this. I believe this. [Pick Your Crazy 2016]


My hindbrain is imprinted on Thoroughbreds. It takes one look at an ASB in a good mood and runs around shouting ‘She canna take any more, captain. She’s gonna blow (to be read in a Scottish accent).’

I was leading horses who were heading to a show to be ridden by tots. I had not the slightest interest in getting on a single one.

Where does that leave me? I have no idea.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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