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Awareness of the outside world. Work today. Must focus. Oh look, laundry …

Unrelated photo for visual interest. Pasture last Saturday.

Here’s a theory. Predicting the worst is the mind’s way of making a making a side bet with itself. You want X to happen. You decide not-X is going to happen. If X happens, you get what you want. If not-X happens, at least you get the bitter satisfaction of being right. Pain protection.

Another theory. Any job is 50% skill set, 50% dealing with people. The other 50% is paperwork.

A final theory. I wondered if I should post this. What if either person sees this and is not amused? I have no faith in my ability to predict how anyone with react to anything. Easy to say be yourself and let your people find you. Hard to do.

Enough meta.

Never heard back from the New Barn. It’s a bit odd. At several points in our conversation, they promised to text me the details. I never actually got any specifics. They repeated said, Oh I’ll send that. I entered the number into my phone and texted while standing there. So the ball is definitely in their court. [Looking For a Lesson Horse]

Yes, yes, I could text or email a reminder but

a) Is this representative of the attention they pay clients? Probably not. Once I go from potential money source to actual revenue generator, the response would improve.

b) I am feeling petty. This isn’t failing to respond to an email in a overstuffed inbox. I made the effort to haul my carcass out to the barn.

Oh well, I don’t impress the horse world. I had same problem buying horses, i.e. getting people to take me seriously.


c) Getting on my high horse is so much easier than coping with the hesitation I feel about riding new horses.

In contrast.

We sent the June clinician preliminary questions. [Clinic on the Horizon]

Prompt and complete response.

Excellent. So far so good.

A few days later, while we were still pondering, we got a second email asking if were were still interested?

Well, that was perky … bordering on pushy.


That’s not fair.

I can’t fuss about people who don’t respond (this was before the New Barn visit) and then complain about someone taking an interest in promoting their business.

Well, I did admit to being a problematic client. [Chiro Update]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

2 thoughts on “Client Management

  1. Those thought processes sound familiar…. The sad thing is that many people in different walks of life just aren’t good at responding, follow up etc. It doesn’t really matter what they say. Interesting conversation with 2 psychologists one day (one happens to be my sister) regarding why so many contractors and other people who you try to hire, and even advertise for business, don’t follow through. They are different skill sets – doing the work vs getting the business/communicating with people/follow up. I never thought about it that way before that but it makes sense to me.

  2. True. Any job is only XX% of the actual skill. The rest is finances, marketing, people management, yadda yadda yadda. Esp true of single/small business owners, i.e. horse trainers, writers, psychologists.

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