Chiro Update, Still Dunno

Getting around to thoughts on the chiropractic appointment last month [Chiro, Dunno].

Before The Appointment
While I am a big fan of body work in general, I am dubious about chiropractic work.

Sessions I have seen in the past have involved violent yanking. It felt wrong to me.

Years ago, I had Mathilda & Previous Horse done. I was underwhelmed, both by the session and by the results.

There is the family anecdote about neck pain leading to surgery. A chiropractic adjustment would have been a dramatically bad idea, according to the surgeon.

Finally, I’ve had a dislocated finger. I don’t understand how a joint can be “out” and still be functional. I’ll allow this one as my ignorance, since I wasn’t interested in finding out more, see above.

Doc was coming to adjust the Stepping Stone Farm horses. I decided to have Milton done. We are still searching for the key to him. I had Rodney done as well. Two horses and a barn call fee as a trade-off for one horse and me having to ship to SSF. Worth it.

During The Appointment
I went over in the am to watch a few of the SSF horses.

Doc patted the horses. I always like that.

Sam had his ears up. Sam is a hard horse to reach. He never stands around with ears up, unless peppermints are involved.

Milton spooked at the portable block. Doc handled it well. He let Milton sniff it, moved it away, moved it back, moved it away, etc. When it became apparent this was not persuading Milton, Doc had me play human blinkers while he stood on the scary block.

Doc was not interest in taking a patient history. I guess he dealt with what presented in front of him? Doc didn’t say much one way or the other. I can be a problematic client. Too little conversation and I’ll accuse you of not being responsive. Too much conversation and I’ll accuse you of not focusing on the job.

Overall, the manipulations were on the order of prodding and pushing. They fit better with my sense of suitable bodywork.

There was a nice energy in the field for the rest of the day.

After The Appointment
Adjustments for Milton: SI on right side. Something else in butt area on left side. Left ribs.

Adjustments for Rodney: generally not much. SI on left.

Results: Hard to say. No miraculous changes to either horse. That would have been nice. As I wrote in the last post, we mostly walked for a long time after that day for unrelated reasons. Since then, both horses have been going well. Nothing spectacular, more on the order of things working out rather than not.

Correlation? Causation? My brilliant riding? Doc’s magic fingers? I really don’t know.

Bottom Line
I am having them done the next time Doc is in town. Still not a complete convert, but I liked it enough to vote with my pocketbook at least once more.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “Chiro Update, Still Dunno

  1. I am wary of chiropractic, I’ve heard some horror stories. Like surgery being required to fix chiro’s mistake, mostly being too violent. Be careful. You’ve got two beautiful horses there and you don’t want to risk hurting them by work that’s too hard.

    1. But she said this wasn’t that kind of work. It doesn’t sound concerning to me. I can see how some would be.

      I also have mixed feelings about chiro both for me and the dogs but so many people swear by it. I have had it done on them on occasion and it does seem to fix issues. I’m all for making sure you feel good about who’s working on them though and this doc sounds like a good one.

  2. There’s a great chiro here in SoCal that everyone uses, so I tried him. He’s like 6’5″ so he doesn’t need any blocks–his body has enough leverage that the movements are all very very small to get the job done. He said not to get horses chiro’d more than once every 3 months after initial work (two appointments 1 month apart) because it can loosen the ligaments and allow the joints to fall out instead of keeping things tightly in the right place, which I thought was interesting. He’s super friendly, efficient, and I give my seal of approval. Generally I don’t go in for horse massage, acupuncture, bodywork, magnawave, PEMF, etc.

  3. So the response appears to be a definite yes-no-maybe. That pretty much covers how I feel about chiro. OTOH, I love good horse massager. Wish the last one hadn’t moved away. As for the gadgets, IMHO they are poor replacements for a good set of hands.

  4. I really like dr. Nelson’s style. He has done Nautica for years, through his SI fracture recovery and more. Nautica is fearful of men but seems relax around Dr. Nelson. We try to stick with a 2 to 3 month schedule, but more often if we think we need it. Some adjustments I can tell a big difference, others not so much, but overall we have had positive experiences with chiro.

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