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Awareness of the outside world. No masks at barn described below. I wore one. The four people there did not: Possible New Instructor, boarder, and two construction guys building the new show barn. OTOH, they were all outside and naturally more than six feet away from each other. Vaccination status unknown.

Unrelated photo for visual interest. Our first adventure in riding for an hour involved much stand practice. Play to your strengths. [Clinic Prep]

And now back to our regularly scheduled post.

Went to a barn to ask about jumping lessons. Looking for a school horse to jump in a calm, unexciting fashion while I try to remember how to point a horse between the standards. I picked a barn that had a high level of activity, possibly indicating an established lesson program.

Let’s call it New Barn and Possible New Jump Instructor. Will be less vague when/if I go back & find out what level of representation they are comfortable with.

We chatted. They did this. I had done that.

They said this horse here did the X-meter jumpers. I said that the last time I was doing jumpers, we were still using inches. And the Warmbloods had not completely taken over, but I didn’t mention that bit.

They start with a new student lesson. Was it okay if it wasn’t until next week? I smiled noncommittally, nodded, and thought, Next week!?! Do you know how far I had to wind myself up to come talk to you? If I manage to get on one of your horses this month, I will consider it a great and shining victory.

Lately, I have been getting on Rodney with aplomb. The way one is supposed to get on a horse.

The very idea of getting on a new horse brought it all back. My stomach hurt. I was flustered. No change. I know I shouldn’t hate parts of myself, but I wish I wasn’t like this. It’s not like these reactions are holdovers from situations where they come in handy. It serves no useful purpose.

How flustered? I took me three tries to add a new name to my phone. Okay, maybe I don’t have a lot of practice meeting new people and getting their info in real time.

How flustered? I blanked on Stepping Stone Farm.

Me: For a lark, I took saddle seat lessons.

Possible New Jump Instructor: Where?

Me: … um …

Seriously?! I have half a closet full of clothes monogrammed with SSF and the SSF logo.

Speaking of SSF, here’s the message I sent Coach Courtney from the parking lot of Potential New Barn.

Began quest to find jumping version of Sam. Feel like I ought to give her your number so she can get the straight scoop: good rider, hot mess. I feel I did not convey the depths of my messdom. I guess (they)’ll find out soon enuf. Sigh.

Finding an ASB barn was easy. Had a name. Went there. Said Hi. What did I know from saddle seat? It is harder to find jumping instructor. I have way more opinions on jumping than I do on saddle seat, or even dressage. Which reminds me of a story. Which I will save for tomorrow. [Riding Toward Random]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. A good lesson horse can be hard to find. Good luck. And make sure you click with the instructor, I tried a dressage instructor once who kept saying the same thing at an awkward corner. I finally figured it out on my own. First lesson, last lesson.

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