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Awareness of the outside world. What is an inclusive way to address a handful of people? I was writing an email to three women, two of whom I have met but don’t know well. I began with “Ladies:” But then I thought, Really? Do I know that? They have feminine names. They present as female. Should I be making this assumption? Persons? Conversely, where I live, a generic inclusive term could be seen as a lack of respect and/or cause offense. I don’t think that is the case here, but am I making assumptions about social politics as much as assumptions about gender? Folks? Am I overthinking this? I stayed with Ladies & crossed my fingers.

Note: Heavily-discounted introductory offer ends TOMORROW.

The screenshots pretty much say it all. Ride Like An Athlete, a new online fitness program for riders.

“You put your horse through specific workouts to get them ready for the dressage ring, the fences, long trail rides and races. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a workout routine for you? … The FitRider membership is a rider fitness training program and community that shows you exactly what to do to be a balanced, supple, fit rider.” RLAA: FitRider

Horse Hunt Fairy Godmother is one of the coaches. [Mail Order Horse]

I signed up as a gesture of support as much as anything else. They would undoubtedly prefer an exuberant gym rat to a mildly motivated couch potato. Who knows. Might turn out to be exactly the thing I need. I certainly ought to do something.

I have to admit that I don’t hold out much hope for this program to revolutionize my life. I’m not a moving media person. I don’t do video, even with the best of intentions. After watching parts of Virtual DragonCon last year, I paid extra to have access to their video library for a year. Have not looked at a single one. My phone has an entire screen stuffed with links to videos that look like they’d be fun. Yet, I never go to them. I’ve even managed to mostly miss the Zoom avalanche that was 2020. I am open to being proven wrong.

If it sounds like your thing, please give them a look. The intro offer is sweet.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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